Photographs from the Knightmare Convention - Please note the following.

A choice of backdrops are available, please select one to preview your photograph.

Purchased photos will be of higher quality than the preview images. Previews are automatically generated to give you an approximation of what the final image may look like. Purchased images will be manually edited. Therefore the green screen removal process will be improved on such images and of a higher resolution. In addition people appearing will be more correctly positioned and scaled for the background. Colours will be better balanced where possible. There will be no copyright watermarks on purchased photos.

All purchases are for a digital download only. You will be e-mailed a link to the e-mail address you supplied from which you can download your photographs.

Please allow up to 48 hours for the work to be completed. You will be contacted if it is expected to take longer.

The e-mail address you supply will be used to contact you please ensure it is correct.

To order a photograph please click on an image to preview it. In the top left will be an option to order the photograph. Clicking this will close the preview and add the item to an order list at the bottom of the page.

Pricing & Payments

Photographs are £10, each additional photograph per order is £6. Payments can be made by credit or debit card and are processed through Your card details are not stored.

The above charge is for processed photographs with original artwork supplied by David Rowe as the backdrop. For more artwork by David Rowe please visit

The original unmodified photographs have been made available for free, however copyright remains that of Aaron Parker. Permission is granted to use them for personal use only.

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